To Start a New Life

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The “Resolve” program is about personal change. Is there a need to change something in your life for the better? Is there a difference between “wanting” to change certain aspects of your life and “needing” to change? Most people are resistant to change UNLESS they see real value in what they can obtain or how they can benefit.      

"Resolve" offers you a chance to learn something dramatically new about yourself and what it takes to make lasting personal changes that can create a real difference in your life. We offer compelling exercises that include:

  • How to change negative thought patterns that hold you back
  • The basic fundamentals of "Change"
  • Dissonance Dynamics
  • Situational Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Substance and Chemical Dependency

The first step required to resolve any persistent or troublesome problem in life is that you must have a deep dedicated willingness to change. Your attendance indicates a move in the right direction. Our program is designed to enlighten you with life changing skills that will evoke new awareness to things and situations that use to baffle you. The negative behaviors and thinking that once impeded personal growth will give way to much better choices in life. These new choices will strengthen the personal accountability that is needed for a more productive and desirable way of living.

"A key to vital life is an eagerness to learn and a willingness to change".

Your Chance to Make Meaningful Changes in Your Life