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The Following Rules are Observed in the RESOLVE Class:

1. CONFIDENTIALITY: “What we say here, stays here.”  The instructor will not report what is said here to the Prosecutor’s Office, with the exceptions discussed in class, such as danger to self/others and child abuse. If you have a question about this, please ask at the beginning of class.

2. You agree to not disclose information about other participants to anyone.

3. Please use your first name only.  You will take your workbook with you. It is up to you to keep that information private.

4. CELL PHONES MUST BE GIVEN TO THE FACILITATOR. If you are observed with a cell phone in your possession during class, you will be asked to leave the class. If you absolutely must have your cell phone today, please leave the class and contact SJP to reschedule.

5. APPROPRIATE PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED. This means: Do not talk when someone else is talking. This includes quiet talking with your neighbor.

6. Be willing to read or offer a response when asked. Do not work ahead in you workbook. Be respectful of others:

7. Do not interrupt or disrespect others comments. Use appropriate language. No sleeping or appearance of sleeping.

8. NO food or drinks in class.

9. NO Sunglasses of any kind, for any reason. Prescription sunglasses are NOT allowed.

10. NO Smoking of any kind, except in areas designated by the facility.

11. NO drug use. Anyone apparently under the influence will be asked to leave the class.

12. Emergency rest room breaks will be decided on a situational basis. DO NOT leave without the instructor’s permission.

13. Please SAVE CLASS CRITIQUE FOR THE EVALUATION FORM. We will cover several topics today. You may find one topic applies to you, and another topic does not. You may even think that some topic should not be a part of this class. Please refrain from critiquing the material during the class. This slows the class down.

14. Respect: please consider that a topic that you don’t like might be important to someone else. You will have a chance to give your opinions on the evaluation form at the end of class.

15. Class times: Note: there is NO PARTIAL CREDIT. If you do not complete the day for any reason, you must reschedule in order to get credit for this class. If you are asked to leave the class, you may be removed from the program, or you may be allowed to reschedule. This decision is made by the Prosecutor.  Lunch will be about 1 hour, at about noon. Two breaks, at about 10:00 am and 2:30 pm, about 15 minutes each.  Class does not end until we leave the classroom.

16. PLEASE RESPECT THE FACILITY AND OTHERS IN THE BUILDING. Any disrespect to the facility or staff or other patrons will result in you being removed from the program.